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Trend Alert: Olive is one of the hottest fall 2017 fashion trends

Dennaya Famous

Posted on October 09 2017

The color olive has been super hot all year long and it will easily be one of the hottest fall fashion trends. Blogger babe Rachel aka @summerofdiane took a few signature styles from our fall collection and created some must have olive looks that will transform your wardrobe this season.  If you're wondering how this boss babe manages running her blog and handling life, check out her interview below. 

For all of the ladies out there struggling to find time to chase their dreams, how do manage your day while running a successful blog? 

I completely understand this struggle as I'm constantly trying to improve how I tackle my day & make the most of my time. I would say that what helped me the most was a change in mindset or approach. When I first started my blog, it was a passion project, so I didn't schedule my whole day around it. As it grew and things got busier, I had to set a daily work schedule for myself. So if you work full-time, I would suggest dedicating a block of time each day, just as you would a second job. I’ve found that when I designate a specific window of time to complete one of my "to-do lists," I'm so much more productive than when I randomly finish tasks throughout the day. Oh, and I also make tons of lists!



What trends are you most excited about for fall? 

I actually have quite a few trends that I'm excited to play around with this fall. Some of my favorites are bright red, velvet, sequins, & of course hats! I think bright red is such a fun color for fall, it's so rich & packs a punch for anyone who isn't quite ready to give up the bright colors of summer. Last year, I didn't take advantage of velvet as much as I would have liked, so I'm going full force this season. Sequins & hats are year-round wardrobe staples for me, but I'm so excited for different colors & styles. 


What inspired you to start your blog? 
I was a hair stylist for many years, but after adopting a gypsy lifestyle, I was forced to transfer my cosmetologist license from state to state. I decided to turn a very frustrating situation into an opportunity to try something new. Although scary at first, I hung up my hair shears & pursued my number one passion in lifestyle. Initially, it was just a creative space to share style inspiration, but people actually started following along. Once I moved to Miami, I embraced every aspect of beach life & this city has undoubtedly turned Summer of Diane into the tropical oasis it is today.


How would you describe your personal style?

If I had to define my personal style in a few words, I’d say it could best be summed up as bohemian, beach bum, chic. I love glam hair, makeup, sequins, & heels, but I also couldn't live without sneakers, t-shirts, bikinis, & cut off shorts. It's all about juxtaposition for me—I love mixing items that you may not typically pair together.


Who was your first style icon?

Do fictional characters count? Because as a kid growing up in the 90s, I found myself always trying to emulate actresses from my favorite TV shows and movies, so I’d have to say my first official style icon was none other than Carrie Bradshaw. I know, so predictable, right? I was 12 years old when SaTC aired & I haven't been the same since. It wasn't that I necessarily wanted to wear every single piece that she did, but she was a huge influence in me expressing my own personal style. I’m still a die-hard fan of Sarah Jessica Parker & some of my favorite style ladies these days are Nicole Richie, Julia Sariñana & Halley Elefante. 


What is the best piece of fashion advice you ever received?

The best fashion advice I've ever received wasn't actually fashion advice at all, and yet, I find myself applying it to my style on a daily basis. It's a quote from Dr. Seuss (hear me out), that reminds me to try new things, never be afraid to make style mistakes, & to continue to be as true to myself as I can. "You have to be odd to be number one."