Talking Fall Fashion 2017 With Ashley Prybycien

Amelia Castellanos

Posted on September 08 2017

Loungewear is back and has quickly become one of the hottest things for fall fashion 2017. Blogger babe @dancingwithflyingcolors took our Joy Loungewear collection out for a casual stroll in DTLA. Check out the interview below to learn more about this boss babe. 
Tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Ashley Prybycien I'm an all-around creative. I studied film & media studies in college and when I'm not filming I'm styling for my blog or paint for my denim jacket company. Basically, I'm never not working haha.
How would you describe your style?
I would define my style as laid back, sometimes boho sometimes chic. It's constantly changing depending on what I'm inspired by. I always live by "wear whatever it is that makes you happy." 
What are your favorite fall trends?
I love the statement booties! and I'm really into the color red lately....I guess it's an all year round color for me. Dark lipsticks are always a MUST!
Where’s your favorite place to hang in LA the fall?
I live close to Alfred coffee in studio city so you can find me there....always. Also, Happy days is a great fall place. It has gooey warm churros so, pretty perfect for FALL. <3
Where do you see the future of blogging? 
I mean I can't speak for every blogger out there but for me, blogging has become a part of my career path. It's allowed me to make some seriously amazing connections.To meet the most creative girls and turned a lot of them into lifetime friends. I think it's been around forever and as long as people continue to BLOG and not only post on social media I think it's going to continue to stick around. I love voicing my opinion and writing on my blog it always feels amazing when I get positive feedback on my writing. So I'm going to continue to do that. 
Describe your perfect fall date?
Oh man, I'm a pretty easy and go with flow dater. Any time a guy takes the time to remember even my favorite restaurant or my favorite kind of flower...is perfect to me! But a perfect fall date would probably be anything super adventurous! 
Sweats or leggings and why?
Definitely, sweats! I'm more of a lazy comfy girl I stick to wearing leggings when I'm working out. I don't wear them other than that. But sweats OH man those are comfy!