Let’s dye our thoughts yellow, under a full moon

Amelia Castellanos

Posted on December 04 2017

Sunday, December 3rd will be the final full moon of the year.  It won’t be just a regular full moon, it’s going to be a supermoon with super energy while mercury goes into retrograde.  


Purple seems to be the colour of this moon energy. 

Purple symbolizes intensity, depth, mystery, psychic energy, magic, inspiration, deep emotional awareness, and spiritual development.  

In order to keep our purple in check, 

this supermoon is calling for yellow to balance the purple energy. 

Yellow symbolizes joy, releasing any and all fear, empowerment, self-respect, logic, mental clarity, inner knowing, and reason. 


Yellow provides a more logical thought pattern, while still allowing us to connect to the magic of the universe.

Use yellow to power through any 

“purple intensity” you may experience during this Mercury retrograde.  

It may assist in providing clarity in what energy we choose to take in and feel.  It may assist in providing clarity in what energy we choose to put out and share. 

The balance between purple and yellow is the balance between logic and emotion. 

This moon reminds you that when it comes down to it, get more in touch with your purple emotions and follow your yellow happiness. 


In love, light, and colour your way! 

X Colour Gypsy