Less conversation, more action

Amelia Castellanos

Posted on December 18 2017

On December 18th there will be a new moon in mysterious, independent, lone wolf Sagittarius.  


This new moon is invoking our burgundy energy. Burgundy is the colour of leadership, warriors, action, and power. 

Burgundy is also the colour of the wolf.  

You are being encouraged to focus on your own life and to take your power back. 

This colour is beneficial to those who are always sacrificing their wants and needs for others.  On the other hand, burgundy is also defensive.  So, if you’ve been feeling extra spicy, balance with some aqua.  Visualize this colour while meditating or try spending time near water.   Taking some time to be alone may also help.


This burgundy new moon supports you in taking the time to do the things YOU enjoy or working on the projects that light up your soul. 


Hold back on giving your energy and time away right now.  Allow yourself to retreat and get passionate work done.  

Your solitude may help you recharge and learn more about yourself.  

Now is the time to get in touch with your authentic self and run with it. 

In love, light, and colour. 

X Colour Gypsy

Leticia Sanmarti