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How Gypsy05's Creative Director Handles Life

Dennaya Famous

Posted on November 07 2017


Have you ever wondered how some women are able to handle work, marriage, career, motherhood and still manage to keep their heads on straight? Well, Gypsy05's Creative Director Osi Shoham-Ettlinger is giving us all some major advice to keep us all on our A-game. Check out Osi's inspirational below. 


How do you keep your creativity alive when you do it for a living?

Creativity is something that flows from within, for me, reading, traveling and some alone time is always a good feeder.

What is your power mantra?

Dreams do come true and you can do it!

What books are you currently reading and what's one book every woman should read in her life?

I am reading a book in Hebrew and I am waiting for it to be translated into English so I can buy it to all my friends, it’s called awaken and it’s a beautiful document about femininity and sexuality, a true joy!!! Another book I think every woman should read is “the second sex” by Simone De Beauvoir, it's an important book that discusses the treatment of women throughout history and regarded as a major work of feminist philosophy.


The business word us know for being male-dominated how do you find and own your voice as a woman?

Unlike a lot of people I think that there is lot of power in being a women, I don't see myself in competition with men, I just think that we are two completely different animals with different sets of skills and we need to use our skills without trying to be something that we are not, being a women is amazing by itself, we don’t need to “wear the pants” in order to be appreciated.

When designing a collection for Gypsy05 what inspires you and how does that translate to your customers?

I believe that feeling comfortable is the key to feeling beautiful and sexy, whenever we work on a new design, I like to wear it and see how it makes me feel, if it feels right and good it will go to next stage.

How do you balance being a wife and mother with your career?

Balance is a very fluid term for working moms, there are days that are more about work and some days that are more about your family, and fewer days are about yourself… and I‘ve gotten used to it, I guess when my kids grow older and less dependent I will have more time and then I will miss these days… balance is soooo over rated.


Are you inspired by other women? If, so who?

Other women always inspire me. I’m surrounded by so many remarkable moms and working women that choose to do the things they love without compromising the people they love, the true heroes are the ones we see around us every day.

With such a busy life how do you make time for yourself and what do you like to do?

I don't have a lot of time for myself, but when I do take it I like to read.

How do you overcome doubt and fear?

I don't always overcome doubt and fear, they are part of our life, sometimes they take over and sometimes they are under control, I learned that they can be a great tool if we repurpose them to action.

What's one piece of advice you would give to a young woman breaking who’s trying to peruse her dreams?

Just do it, don't listen to all the people around you that are telling you it's impossible, with just believe and love you can literally achieve anything you want.


 What is the title of the current chapter of your life?

Be strong; be determent and good things will happen.