Healthy Ingredients You Should Add To Your Juice Recipe This Fall

Dennaya Famous

Posted on September 25 2017


If you're wondering how to stay healthy this fall and what you should be adding to those healthy juice recipes, we've got you covered LA juice bar owner Kinzie Oppenheim is sharing our favorite gems that will have you glowing and feeling vibrant all season long. 


1. Please tell us about yourself. 

I am a holistic nutritionist that uses Juicy Ladies as an avenue to teach the public about living a healthy life. 

2. What’s the best thing to drink first thing in the morning?

The best thing to drink first thing in the morning is water! Our bodies worked all night to repair imbalances and want to be hydrated. A good mountain spring water coupled with 8 oz of warm water and freshly squeezed lemon. 

3.What are 5 healthy tips for the girl on the go?

- Pack healthy snacks and lunches. The more you plan for what you are putting in your body the more likely you will make healthy choices. 

-  Fill up 2 32 oz glass bottles or jugs with good mountain spring water to take with you for the day. If you're using water that comes from a water filter pinch a bit of Celtic sea salt in the water for better absorption. A lot of times people feel hungry and eat way more than they should because they're dehydrated. 

   - Spend your day doing what inspires you. Be creative and passionate. Be on the go doing things you love. 

   - Take 10 to 20 minutes to breathe in the middle of your busy day. Park your car under a tree and do a little meditation. Reset your intention. 

   - Stop eating three hours before bed and make dinner a light meal. This will allow for better rest and repair at night so you can have tons of energy for your busy days. 


    4. Dinner party season is upon us, what are your go-to mix for a healthy cocktail?

    Don't mix! Don't mix sugar juices with alcohol. The only mix I like is fresh lime juice with organic gin or 100% agave tequila. A high-quality tequila has very little sugar compared to wine and mixed drinks. 

    5.What juices should we be drinking this fall?

    Stick with seasonal fruits and veggies. Juice yams, persimmons, mandarin oranges, and pomegranates. 

    6. What’s your favorite detox food? 

    There are many fruits and vegetables that help eliminate toxins from the cells. Right now I am doing a lot of cabbage in the form of soups, salads, and sauerkraut. Cabbage has a communication with the body and helps heal and repair many things. You can put cabbage leaves on an injured/ sore body part to relieve pain or sore breast. Fermented cabbage helps heal and balance the flora in your stomach.

    7. How do you balance your work/life schedule?

    I do my best to be present in both work and family. Giving my all to both aspects and knowing how much time I'm giving to both. Taking timeouts just for me is a must. 

    8. If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be? 

     Chill out! Nothing is worth fretting about. It's all limitations we put on ourselves that are created in only our thoughts. 

    9. What are your favorite ways to stay healthy in the fall?

     Doing a seasonal fall detox. Butternut squash soups, baked pumpkin, and fresh cranberry. 

    10. Where is your favorite place to chill in LA?

     My favorite place to chill in LA is on the beach. Fall is the best time and weather to lay on the sand and get sun. Sun without chemical sunscreen. Yes, the sun is good for you and essential for health.