Your Complete Guide to Crystal Healing

Amelia Castellanos

Posted on January 25 2018


What is crystal healing? How do I do it?

Crystals not only look beautiful they are also believed to have unique properties and hold powers for healing. 

Crystals have been used for centuries in cultures around the world and are valuable light worker tools. Malachite and lapis lazuli were some of the favorites used by the Ancient Egyptians. Lapis Lazuli represented the heavens and was believed to helped draw out impurities. Malachite was believed to promote inner visions and was used in jewelry to protect against disease and encourage the pharaohs to be wise rulers.

The American Indians believe crystals are living beings and call them the bones of Mother Earth. They remind us it is important to treat a crystal with respect – it is a living part of the  Earth.

To choose a crystal hold it in your hand, close your eyes for a few seconds and see if you feel anything. A crystal with healing for you will let you know through energy, a feeling out of the normal, that there is a connection to be made.

There is a wonderful book called The American Indian Secrets of Crystal Healing and if you wish to delve deeper I recommend this read to help with learning the soul of crystals complete with a guide of the healing properties of each crystal.

Once you have chosen your crystal you can research the healing and spiritual properties of the type of crystals as each is unique. For example, Crystal Quartz is good for direction and amplifying energy and Citrine is good for inner strength and creativity.

Crystals can be used in many ways by wearing as jewelry, placing them intentionally in selected areas around your home, you can keep one with you in your pocket and you can also meditate with crystals.

Meditation Exercise with Healing Stone from Gypsy05. 

 Set an intention to connect with the crystal.  

 Hold the crystal in your hand and be thankful for its presence and healing,

Sit or lay comfortably.You may also like a play peaceful music soundtrack - the idea here is to relax and let go.

Closing your eyes breathe deeply in and all the way out. Do this 5 times.

You can keep the crystal in your hand or place it on an area of your own body that may be calling for healing.You will likely feel this instinctively and can also research the perfect crystal for various ailments.  

 Using visualization think of all the properties that your crystal is known for.

Pay attention to the crystal against your skin. What is the temperature of the crystal? What is the weight of the crystal? Does the crystal feel different the longer it is in contact with your skin? Keep breathing as you answer these questions and be sure to breathe through any feelings that may arise.

Rather than avoid any feeling –allow all of them to be warranted – simply let them be and breathe through them.

Now take the deepest breathe all the way in and then mindfully all the way out. Do this the final 5 times. Try to make your mouth smile as you release. Force a smile in this moment if you have to.

Now, for the magic! Time to absorb and allow the healing energy of the crystal.

A quick tip for how to learn to absorb the energy?  A friend once told me “imagine 100$ bills floating down upon you.” See – that was easier than you may have thought right? Try it.  

Now back to the natural, higher healing power energy the crystal holds for your healing – Focus on the healing properties and powers that this particular crystal holds. Can you remember them?

Remember these properties have been documented throughout time by our ancient ancestors – masters of energy, healing, and truth.

Allow this healing for yourself and be grateful to yourself and to the crystal for this healing in this moment.

 You have now connected with your crystal and have meditated with your very own guide from Mother Earth.

 Nice work!  

Know there is no wrong way to do this.Keep an open mind to miraculous healing and know that you are loved and are worthy of healing.

Crystals have been known to hold a key to healing for centuries and here’s to hoping a crystal may be a key to your unlocking your highest health and happiness today.

Many Blessings and Much Sunshine to You,

Jadee Gypsy